Few Foundation Hacks for a Flawless Skin which is helpful

Anyone who isn’t a fan of foundations? can you think of a woman who will stay away from foundations? If there’s a method that you can have a spotless flawless, clean and clear skin in just a few minutes and leave a flawless skin all day long, that is by simply applying foundation.

A large portion of all of us aren’t sure how to apply the foundation properly. However, don’t worry, because I’ll provide you with the best face foundation in Pakistan tricks you can master to achieve flawless skin in a matter of only a few minutes. So let’s start:

Find the perfect shade that complements tones of your skin. I would suggest applying a tiny area of it along your jawline , then move to a location that you are able to see the shade clearly. In the event that the shade fades away or blends into the tone the skin then it’s an ideal one.

The idea of picking a shade lighter or less than what you have is a myth that should not be taken attention to. This is because the fact that when you put as light and white foundation underneath your eyes, it appears as if you were burned while wearing shades.

Another thing to remember is using a proper foundation brush when applying it to get a more smooth finish. Many cosmetic artists swear using fingertips when applying foundations, I recommend that you buy the proper applicators. It is also possible to purchase sponges or a beauty blender to blend and apply your foundation correctly.

Start by applying a moisturizer that has SPF so that the concealer can flow effortlessly over your skin. This process will also confirm that even in the season you are able to withstand the sun without doing any harm for your skin. Give at least 5 minutes of rest to your skin prior to moving on to the next stage.

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Are you thinking about how to apply your foundation the correct method? To apply it, place 7 dots of foundation. start by applying two dots on your temples, one on the top and one to the right the nose. Then, apply then apply two dots over your jaw , and one on the edges of your facial features. Now, simply mix this rich mix in a downward or sideways but not in an upwards-facing.

Make sure to finish the look by using matte or loose powder. It is possible to opt for loose powder since this transparent powder keeps your skin looking radiant all day long.

If you’re someone who enjoys glowing skin, like I do, then you should apply a highlighter underneath your foundation. Highlighters help protect the foundation in all its facets from appearing dull or matte as the day progresses.

That’s it for now. I’m hoping by using these makeup hacks you are able to clean and wash your daily makeup routine in 10 minutes and be stunningly gorgeous all day long!