Tips for Choosing the Best Online Organic Food Supermarket in Dubai

The online organic food supermarket is the brainchild of a Saudi called Abdul Hassan Al-Attar. He set up the first online market in the Middle East back in 1995 with the intention of creating a global revolution in the organic food industry. The idea was to create a global market for organic food by using the Internet and other new media. Two years later he launched his online store in Dubai.

The store is located at a very trendy location on the map of Dubai. It has three floors and it is lined with shops selling all kinds of things. There are refrigerators, freezers, ovens, dishwashers, and hundreds of different types of items. Most items can be ordered online and the customer can pick them up from the store.

One of the biggest advantages of the store is the online ordering option. Customers can now order online for organic groceries, freeze dried goods, and specialty foods. This gives customers the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their own home. It also allows them to compare prices from different stores so they can get the best deal possible. This way they can buy only what they need and pay as little as possible.

Another advantage of the store is the delivery service. It can deliver to your home, the office, or anywhere in the city. Once the order is received, the store will send a driver to pick it up at the customer’s home. That means no more running around chasing lost packages. The online option is just as efficient as having a store in your own neighborhood.

One thing customer have to look for is the ingredients. Most companies claim that their organic foods are as good as traditional food products. However, it is important to read the labels carefully. Companies often put words like “Natural Food” and “preservative” on the label, which is simply a marketing ploy to make their product sound better than its competition.

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Ask for a return policy. Read the online literature thoroughly before ordering. If the store has a returns policy, it should be easily accessible. Also, check for their customer service number and response time. The store should be able to answer all questions within a reasonable amount of time.

Look for customer reviews. Online forums and blog sites are a great place to start. Many people will review the products, which you can find by searching the store name on Google. Be sure to read comments from actual customers who have bought from that particular store. Then, if you find the store has a favorable reputation, you may want to consider buying your organic foods there.

Look for a store with a low minimum order. If they won’t take a big quantity, chances are the items they carry aren’t worth the price. They should have a minimum order requirement that will be easily met. Then, you’ll be assured you’re getting your hands-on quality items at an affordable price.

Find out about expiration dates and shipping policies. If you plan to buy in bulk, such as in the case of a large-scale farming operation, you’ll need to know when you can expect to receive your shipment. Some online retailers only ship within the country, others worldwide. Others have international shipping options. Inquire about these options when you’re checking out the online website.

Check out the return policy. Is it easy to send back an unhappy purchase? Is the refund period reasonable? Does the store offer refunds? Ask these questions before making a purchase.


Find out what kinds of organic ingredients in the store has available. Some of them use natural ingredients, but others use artificial ingredients and chemicals. Think about what kinds of foods you prefer. Do some research and you should have no problem making an informed choice.

When you find a good online organic food superstore, keep in mind that it’s not just a place to shop. The website is also a way for you to get in touch with the owners. Get their contact information and see if you can learn anything about the products they sell. Look for customer testimonials as well as comments by other shoppers. This should give you a better idea of how the online store operates.

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